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Transform Outdoor Rooms for the Holiday Season

December 9, 2009

‘Tis the season of high spirits. Whether you are observing a time honored family tradition at home or entertaining friends for a jubulant holiday party, use decorations to transform your outdoor living areas into a winter wonderland. Start out by draping the poles and beams of an outdoor arbor, ramada, pavilion or deck with sparkling Christmas lights. These twinkling lights will add ambiance and set a mood as soon as you step foot outside.

Use garlands and wreaths to add a touch of nature with a fragrant memory of this special time of the year. Add colorful candles, either real or flameless for another sensory element. These candles can be placed directly on tables outdoors or in lanterns.

Hang lighted stars on tree branches further out in the yard and away from the pavilion to create another focal point for people to admire.

Toss a few colorful throw pillows on deep seating furniture or benchs and add a colorful holiday cozy Sunbrella throw blanket to snuggle under when the temperature drops.

Holiday decorations and tabletop settings add the finishing touches to the dining table. Just as tunes of the season add a smile and warm your family and friends hearts.

Share your ideas on holiday decorating please leave a comment below.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake