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July 6, 2009

                           Outdoor Couture®

If you had a plant the instructions would read, Just Add Water. If you had a bowl of cereal, you would Just Add Milk. If you are on a vacation, you would Just Add Fun. So when you have an outdoor bench, Just Add Pillows for the perfect touch.

       Adirondack Chairs

A lower back lumbar pillow helps distribute support and comfort for the inward curve of the lumbar spine. When we venture outside for relaxation we find ourselves sitting for extended durations. If you are without any lower back support you may find increased muscle tension and pain in the lower back and legs. If you utilize a lumbar pillow while sitting, it can fill the natural gap that is created between the lower spine and the chair.


It is a good policy to be able to  place your feet on the floor while sitting, therefore, a smaller person would benefit from the addition of throw pillows to provide good back support, as well as, to create the proper distance from the seat to the floor.

For this reason , a cluster of throw pillows for that "adjustable" fit, is just what you need to add to any outdoor seating.

Outdoor Couture®

Pillows will add color, texture, warmth, coziness, a sense of style and function. So whether you are sitting on an adirondack chair, a teak bench, a love seat, sofa, chaise lounge, iron bench, lounge chair, dining chair or daybed remember to add that finishing touch, JUST ADD PILLOWS!

These are my outside views … Marcia Blake