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Marketing Tips for This Time of Year

November 3, 2008


Setting the clocks back is a sure sign that fall is here. The kids have loads of candy from their trick or treating escapades, the days are shorter, the leaves are colorful, and the weather is crisp & cool in the morning and evening. Some areas of the United States have already experienced snow, and the stores are all indicating that the Christmas Holiday season is near.

This is still a fabulous time to spend outside in your backyard, garden, patio and pool gathering areas, huddled around a fireplace or fire pit, with the flames burning bright and warming the air. Not only is it great for warming your body, it’s hypnotic to watch the flames dance around. There are many selections to choose from either a wood burning fire pit, or an outdoor fireplace designed for use with either natural gas or LP (propane or butane). Another option to stay warm and cozy while enjoying the crisp cool outdoor season is to utilize a patio heater to make your dining guests relaxed while eating outside. This is a great opportunity to expand your dining area beyond the indoor space.

Help your customers enjoy their backyard throughout the year with outdoor fireplaces or patio hearths. This is the message that you should be relaying to people this time of year. The fireplaces and hearths are easy to use and affordable. Why not lengthen the outdoor season with the addition of an outdoor fireplace and extend the pleasurable occasion of sitting in a cozy and comfortable place as nightfall approaches.

Cal Spas says that, “Nothing compares to the enchanting glow of an outdoor fire, adding a sense of magic, welcome, and comfort to your Outdoor Home Resort™. Liven up your outdoor get-togethers with a Cal Flame® Fireplace or Fire pit. All Cal Flame Fireplaces and Fire pits are designed to your custom specifications, allowing you to invent the perfect look for your Home Resort™. Arrays of styles are available in over 30 tile, stucco, stone, and brick options. Quality in design, material, and craftsmanship ensure your Cal Flame Fireplace and Fire pit will withstand outdoor elements for years of enjoyment. All fireplaces feature 304-commercial grade stainless steel frame, ventilation, sturdy one-piece construction, ETL approved and have a liquid propane/natural gas option.”  

ProFirePit has discovered that once families build a fire pit, backyard entertainment takes on a new level to them. There are so many occasions for familial celebrations and for company around an open fire and having your own backyard fire pit can add entertainment possibilities long after the sun goes down. Being together as a family will add a rare bond to the family relationship. This is an excellent marketing tool to encourage sales this time of the year.

 A few other suggestions to your customers to help them enjoy life outside is the use of outdoor rugs that buffer the cold damp concrete and brick surface, they look fantastic as the focal point to any outdoor room.

Don’t forget the throw blankets…with the right yarn content, 100% solution dyed acrylic, they can stay outdoors all season long without fading or losing their soft, cozy texture. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a throw to enjoy the evening sunset as  the end of the day approaches?

These are great holiday gift suggestions for your customer base.

Stay warm and cozy…these are my outside views…Marcia Blake