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Inspirational Colors for Winter

January 9, 2009

As the New Year begins we reflect on what has past and start to envision the things that we hope achieve. This is a difficult feat during the dreary days of winter that are beginning to settle around us for several months ahead. Throughout this period we look for lighthearted diversions to add excitement to the gloomy days this time of year. What better way than to add color to our daily lives?  

As January progresses we await the Presidential inauguration. The prominent color that stands out is the color purple. Companies are taking various strategies to this royal color some are using it exclusively as an accent while others are using it as a significant shade. Purple represents good judgment, courage, luxury, wealth and sophistication, all qualities we would enjoy for this New Year.

Another symbolic trend that is prevalent today is the return to retro, which illustrates an interest in the secure qualities from our past rather than the insecurities that we are facing in the world today. Inspirational colors stem from this retro palette and include bright color combinations and bold sharp lines.

Take a walk through your store or home and see where you can add these colorful elements to evoke an incredible sense of optimism and hope for the coming year.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake