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The Importance of Being Transparent!

November 14, 2008

No one needs to tell you how very important it is that you are transparent in your business dealings and everyday life. Just take a look at the mortgage and banking industry or Enron and WorldCom, who avoided paying corporate taxes.

Now is the time to be clear and open to your customers. What better way than to share information with your customers on energy effective products that you sell. There is a growing appeal and standard of living movement that encourages businesses to operate in ways that answer, rather than produce both environmental and social setbacks.  These businesses implement philosophy, strategy, and systems that improve the quality of life for their customers, their employees, communities and the environment.

“Going Green” makes good business sense. One method of “Going Green” is by selling
eco-friendly products and services. This movement is not just about recycling, it’s about nurturing things, as an alternative of just using them.

So what can you do to talk the talk? You’ve got to walk the walk!
Actions speak louder than words!

Begin by:

1) Growing and nurturing your co-workers – surround yourself with people who think green, empower and inspire them to make wise choices, hire people who emulate this philosophy.

2) Growing and nurturing your communitybe proactive in your community by adopting green strategies that show a clear purpose of your core business in the local community, even small businesses can make a meaningful difference.

3) Be transparent - Let everyone see your company, they will gain a level of Trust and Respect and will seek your store out when making their purchases.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake