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NEW Networking & Marketing Ideas

February 28, 2009

In my last blog I mentioned that a local casual furniture dealer, California Patio, and manufacturer, OW Lee, are teaming together to host an ASID meeting to showcase their programs and products to designers. This is just one way to think creatively and to plan programs that will draw new people together to learn more about your offerings. Another idea that some might consider an out of the box way of thinking is to consider the new networking models.

There are some that bring people together for a fast paced meet and greet opportunity. Other events bring together like minded individuals for the sole purpose of learning more about each others businesses. Well here is an idea that you may consider, how about hosting a networking event in your casual furniture store to bring together architects, landscape designers and home remodeling construction firms. Grouping these professionals together for a wine and cheese networking event will enable you to explain just how you can team together on projects to enhance the services that you can provide to your clients.

Opening doors and working together promotes good business practices. It is especially important for architects, as well as, landscape designers to consider the type of casual furniture that will be utilized on the completion of an outdoor project so they can plan appropriately. Getting in on the ground floor of a project is the best way to offer great customer service, these new customers will be your best marketing tool in the future.

Social networking is the rage right now with online companies such as Twitter, Linked in and Facebook. I will be writing more about how to use these for business in future blogs. But don’t discount the face to face importance of networking locally too. So be the first to host a networking group in your local area and you will reap the rewards.

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These are my outside views…Marcia Blake