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Fabric Trends for 2010

December 15, 2008

I have had the pleasure of viewing the 2010 fabric collections from the leading fabric manufacturers over the past few months. In addition, I have recently attended the fall conference of the Color Marketing Group and am privy to the color trends for the future.

As one would expect, due to the feelings the general public are experencing based on the volatile economy, the general consensus is that the safe color is neutral. However, a punch of color is always a pick me up. Splashes of blue, green, yellow and orange are well received in accessories such as throw pillows, table top, drapes, and rugs.

Blue is the new green, it imbues a sense of nature, sky, the environment and life. Gray continues to be influential as a neutral color and is showing up in conjunction with terra cotta or a warmer orange hue. Metallics imply a sense of sophistication and purple is becoming the royal color and neutral color representing politics and patriotism.

Don’t be afraid to use these accent colors in your showroom, you will invoke feelings in the customers that frequent your stores and who wouldn’t want to feel good, warm, patriotic and optimistic? Go ahead and use neutrals as a base but follow the trends and splash color throughout your showroom. You will find that your customers relate to these colors in a positive manner.

These are my outside views…write and tell me what colors you showcase? Marcia Blake views…Marcia Blake