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How to Achieve Outdoor Style Inside

April 7, 2008

        The landscape of the American single family home is changing rapidly. For many years the classic template consisted of a formal living room followed by a formal dining room as you entered the well appointed home. Most people today live and entertain in a much more informal atmosphere. Guests and hosts gravitate toward the great room, which blends into the kitchen and outdoor living spaces. Newer homes are attempting to draw people away from the front rooms by designing multiple outdoor areas and larger informal spaces.

        These outdoor living spaces should reflect the informal yet stylish design of the interior great rooms. Express yourself inside and out by bringing the outside in by way of natural elements and by bringing the inside out by reflecting the interior style.

        How do you achieve outdoor style inside? Two ways to bring the outside in are with bamboo and woven furniture. The use of greens and browns, indoor plants and garden accessories stacked along a sideboard assist in adding outdoor touches. If you truly want to step out of the box and inject outdoor color inside the easiest way is by utilizing colors that resemble bouquets of flowers. Think soft like nature, soft greens such as celadon paired with creams and pinks of petals will create a European style rather than tropical atmosphere. Warm wood tones and the use of bamboo and woven materials balance out the color yet keep the feeling fresh. Freely utilize outdoor furniture pieces and fabrics indoors for that special outdoor charm and spirit.

        These are my outside views write and tell me how your bring the outdoors inside?
        Marcia Blake