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Be Environmentally Conscious as you Lounge by the Pool

June 29, 2009

   Bamboo Eco-Friendly Plush Pool Towel

Products that incorporate fibers and materials which are good for you, look great, feel great and are manufactured using sustainable and earth friendly practices are becoming increasingly popular. Natural fiber products such as bamboo, natural and organic cotton are eco-friendly yet provide either a lightweight or thick soft, plush towel with luxurious texture.

As in many textiles, these towels come in a variety of styles, a smooth loop terry that is ultra soft, a large sculptured jacquard pattern, a combination of chevron stripes and floral pattern create another unique jacquard pattern and a beautifully textured basket weave pattern.

     Akhara Persimmon

Bamboo has been available in Asia and known for its many unique applications, the notion of using bamboo to spin yarns is a new contemporary technology.  The appeal of bamboo has steadily grown as additional information becomes accessible relating to its intrinsic attributes. Bamboo grows exceptionally fast and can be harvested every two to three years with minor or no environmental influence making it a marvelous, sustainable resource when compared to a tree forest that takes over 60 years to recover from deforestation.

Bamboo is rarely infected by pathogens or eaten by pests, these anti-microbial features mean there is no need to use chemicals or pesticides. Its molecular configuration gives bamboo the capacity to soak up and release moisture very quickly.


Now you can be environmentally conscious when you lounge by the pool or spa while using a  bamboo luxury pool towel. The towels are produced in a factory powered by the wind and the stylish colors are constructed with a low impact dye method.  The water used in the dying technique is then run through a four step system and leaves the plant clean and pure.  These towels are anti-microbial, mold and mildew resistant.  What better way to help the green movement?

       Savari Lichen

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