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Product Review & New To Market…Weiman’s Perfect Planet™ Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

September 2, 2008

How would you like to be able to promote an Eco-Friendly natural all-purpose cleaner for all of the outdoor products that you sell? The U.S. EPA recognizes this product for its safer chemistry, it is not tested on animals, is fragrance, ammonia and alcohol free. Yet it is a highly effective multipurpose cleaner that is mild and safe for families, homes and the environment.

New To Marketis Perfect Planet(TM), I tested out this product on a number of different surfaces in my backyard. It is a clear liquid that comes in an easy to use spray recyclable bottle. After a weekend of use and general outdoor living conditions, I used Perfect Planet™ to first clean my faux stone bar tabletop. The dirt lifted very easily and this new product left a clean and shiny surface. The granite side table, aluminum furniture and copper tabletop all benefited from a good cleaning.

We are all trying very hard to be conscientious about the products that we use. We want to save our environment from harsh products that will destroy it over time. This product is produced by Weiman Home Care Products,, from renewable plant-derived ingredients, which are biodegradable, and earth friendly.

Who wouldn’t want to use a product that removes grease, grime and dirt effectively and efficiently with out polluting the air, land or sea? Best yet it is Made in the U.S.A.

The suggested retail price for a 32-ounce bottle is $5.29. Why not consider selling this product in your store to promote a greener environment?

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