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Tips for Showroom Displays

August 14, 2008

Showroom Design Suggestions

The middle of August is one of the most popular times to take a vacation, travel, and go to the beach or pool to enjoy summer activities just before school starts.

If you walk through most stores you will begin to see school supplies displayed on the end caps of aisles or in central parts of the store. Merchandisers are encouraging you to think all things school, new clothes, new books, new backpacks, new supplies and new dorm room essentials.

Why not be different than the rest and showcase summer for the FUN of it! I believe that retailers all too often try to push the seasons; before you know it Halloween merchandise will be front and center, then Christmas.

Let’s consider taking a step back and slowing the pace. Set up a display of Bright Colorful & Aerie beach towels, pillows, or accessories that are welcoming and witty to entice your customer to think water pool, beach, sand, patio and outdoor living.

The reality is that while school will be starting in a couple of weeks, the weather will still be conducive to enjoying outdoor living.

All retail stores have many areas to merchandise, so set one apart from the others, don’t be ordinary, indulge your passion, make a fashion statement that encourages your customers to bring back memories of a warm summer day, sitting with their children or dog by their side on a lounge chair sipping a cool refreshing drink and reading a good book.

Remember evoking feelings of a place and time will suggest through artistry and imagination a vivid impression of reality and this will translate into sales.

These are my outside views… what do you do in your store to evoke a memory of a time and place? Marcia