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Product Placement Helps Sell

December 14, 2009

As this holiday shopping season progresses I notice strategic product placement in every store that I visit. The key to a products success is the location that it has on the showroom floor or in the store Whether you consider the location of a piece of real estate like a home in one of the most desirable places to live, Plymouth Minnesota or Fort Collins Colorado or Irvine California, or the location of a retail store, like on Michigan Avenue in Chicago or on 5th Avenue in New York City, you can select the best possible location to showcase your casual furniture in your own retail store.  There are specific locations in your store that will attract the attention of your customers so much better than other areas. If you have not taken time to research this you can start right now. Take note of which collection is selling better than the others, where is it positioned in your store? Try moving the least best selling collection to this site and see what happens.

Consider the grocery store, every time you go to the grocery store there are different products featured on the end caps of aisles. These products are strategically placed to grab the customer’s attention. If you are like me, I  take note of what is on special or what product is new or which product is being marketed to gain my attention?  You most likely purchase items that you did not intend to buy simply because they were marketed towards your consideration. During the holidays take a stroll through Target to see how endcap placement of products helps to sell these items.

There are many ways to market a collection to the consumer, you can attract notice by lowering the price, by selecting bright colors to attract attention or by marketing the valuable assets of a particular set. Another simple method is to locate a collection in the best location in your store, than contemplate changing this vignette frequently to draw the attention of numerous customers. Have you ever gone into a store to revisit an item only to find that it is not where it was the first time you saw it? This is simply because there is movement in many stores to attract customers attention.

Changing out the front displays in stores for each season is common, however, in this more challenging economic time it may be necessary to increase the amount of times that you change to stimulate reaction.

The one thing that I believe is being proactive, flexible and staying in front of your audience is the key to your success.

Write a comment below to let me know what techniques you use in your display to attract attention?

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake