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Capture Viewers with Marketing Dollars

June 26, 2009

                       Click to View Telescope YouTube Video

Looking for a Unique way to advertise your patio store? Here is the solution! Post a video of your store and its products on YouTube and then advertise it on Yellow Pages.

               Click to view Henderson YouTube Video

"Fresh air, unique beauty, sunshine. Enjoy it more with a patio or outdoor kitchen from Nevada Outdoor Living. Based in Henderson, they offer professional design and premium products for your patio or outdoor kitchen, including barbecues, fireplaces, waterfalls and more, giving you the conveniences of indoor living with the freedom of the outdoors.Visit us…"

Brooks Patio Furniture in Florida, Charlotte Patio & Outdoor Furniture Hearth & Patio have all jumped on this technology bandwagon.

Last year at market Casual Living offered manufacturers a chance to create a showroom tour on YouTube, Telescope one of the participants has had 3017 viewers so far.

Lloyd Flanders, OW Lee, Outdoor Lifestyles, Tropiton, Agio and Jardin de Ville all participated in this new concept. Can you capture that many viewers with your ads? Do your ads stay on forever as the videos on YouTube do? These are some questions that you may want to answer the next time you consider where to spend your marketing dollars.

If you have had success with YouTube please share and write a comment below.

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