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Add Warmth to Outdoor Spaces With Infrared Energy

November 18, 2009

Outdoor living can be comfortable in cooler weather. Dinner on the veranda, cocktails under the starry sky are pastimes that can happen all year round. The most sensible way to add warmth to spaces like patios, terraces, verandas, enclosed areas or any indoor or outdoor setting where heat cannot be contained and re-circulated is to use Infrared or radiant energy. Infratech is a company that sells eco-friendly low-profile electric heaters that will coordinate with many decor styles.

Infratech Heaters

A heated quartz element releases a safe, pure wavelength of light that is only absorbed by solid objects, transferring heat directly to a person, table or floor rather than heating the air. This allows the infrared heat to be distributed evenly, and won’t "blow away" in an exposed area open to elements. These heating elements are 90% energy efficient and emit no harmful emissions or odors.

Infratech heaters do not produce negative environmental effects that are created by most gas-fired heaters or outdoor fireplaces. These infrared heaters operate silently while emiting no greenhouse gases. So if you are concerned about our environment this may be a nice alternative to heating an outdoor living space.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake