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Extreme Makeover

January 12, 2009

This economy has forced us to look at everything we do and new ways to do the same old thing. That is where partnerships and joint ventures become increasingly popular. In the past I’ve discussed the positive aspects of working with your local designer community to stir up new business while helping educate designers about the casual furniture industry. Well now is the best time to reach out to your local landscape and hard scape companies to promote one another. What better way to create an extreme makeover in a section of your store than to have a local pave stone company create a beautiful new vignette for you to display your outdoor furniture.

This is a wonderful venue for a stone company to exhibit, showcase and promote their product in an appropriate setting to their target audience. You don’t have to pay to remodel this section of your store, yet you benefit from the makeover. You also are providing a new service to your customer base by educating yourself and your staff on new design solutions and cutting edge products for outdoor living spaces.

The extreme makeover doesn’t have to stop there, you can partner with landscape designers to fill this space with attractive and suitable plants for your local environment. Another partner can be an awning company who can build and showcase awnings on your existing walls inside or outside.

Without spending marketing dollars that are so valuable these days, you can revitalize your showroom, promote local companies and provide extraordinary customer service by creating a destination showplace that is new and exciting, complements your showroom, feels right and creates a unique partnership with corresponding businesses and products.

Think outside the box, invite these supporting companies to your store for a meet and greet to discuss the possibilities of working together to build loyalty, sales, knowledge and to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

You might find that some businesses are not willing or interested but it only takes a few forward thinking minds to realize the potential there is in working together.

These are my outside views…write and tell me you thoughts. Marcia Blake