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Mood Enhancers

November 25, 2008

Just as soon as the turkey is carved and served, our focus changes to the beginning of the holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanza, this is the time that you will begin to feel festive. For some it is easier than others, but no matter which group you fall into the music of the season is enchanting and helps to put you in the spirit of the season.

Whether you are a storeowner or a homeowner now is the time to dust off those CD’s or LP’s and bring a bit of cheer to your life and those around you. In the past I have written a great deal about how colors can affect your mood, well music can too. Just the sound of a song can transport you back to a time in your life when your feel good and believe in your dreams. Bringing dreams to life is what we strive to accomplish for our loved ones, our customers and ourselves.

Our home and surroundings are an expression of our ideas and ourselves. We create living spaces indoors and outside to complement and enhance our lifestyle. Bringing dreams to reality is what we in the casual living industry help people do everyday. Our passion for high style complements our desire to assist others in attaining their dreams. Whether it is a serene sanctuary, a magical garden, or a mesmerizing hearth, our delight is in the service that we provide, the value that we add, the inspiration that we impart and the harmony that we achieve by working together. This is a time for sharing, giving, helping and dreaming, so play the music that inspires us this season then stand back to observe the joy that you bring to others.

Let the mood of this holiday season comfort and warm you and your customers. Let the songs of the season ring in cheer and a sense of wellbeing and elevate the mood of the people around your so that they will be inclined to purchase the items in your store that will help them create their dream space.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake