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July 14, 2008


Thanks to those of you who took the time to say hi to me on the 17th floor! I greatly appreciated your feedback regarding my Blog. It is nice to know that you are reading my Outside Views Blog. Please feel free to write a comment anytime.

Last week at the Casual Furniture Pre-Market, there were lots of changes, as I had predicted earlier, specifically the new additions of casual furniture showrooms on the 15th floor.

The showroom that stands out amongst the rest is the new Summer Classics showroom. It is obvious without even entering this space that Summer Classics put a great deal of money into creating a showroom that looks like an upscale interior retail furniture showroom such as Ethan Allen. Certainly, this is a showroom that you can gain some ideas to recreate back in your retail stores. The use of color is evident on the dividing walls and floors. Also, color-coordinating collections is an easy presentation to recreate.

Jardin de Ville is another new showroom that moved from the temporary floors to this permanent space. They have consistently used color to accent collections, as well as coordinate collections.

Don’t forget the use of accessories to add the finishing touches, and the color accents to highlight the collection’s attributes.

If you happen to be a showroom on the 16th or 17th floor that is in an existing space, you can certainly make changes to create a new look and new feeling, one that will impress the dealers when they first enter the showroom at the next market. A simple concept to incorporate in your showroom is the use of colorful accessories that bring out the highlights in the fabric featured on the furniture collection. Try using a theme consistent with the name of the collection or fabric. For example, in the OW Lee showroom, the accessories surrounding the Herbal Garden / Rustic Garden collection are great examples of an English Garden setting, freshly potted plants to add that accent feature that I have been discussing.


In the Telescope showroom, the accessories on the new Windward Sling Collection nicely accented the white table color and the black sling fabric. The coordinated tabletop accessories make an impression and encourage you stop and take a look.

Let me know what first impressions you had of showrooms old and new?

These are my outside views…write a comment and tell me yours. Thank you, Marcia Blake