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Does Your Business Brand Reflect Your Business Values?

April 28, 2008

Does your business brand reflect your business’s values? Are you adopting policies that help protect the world? What efforts are you taking to go green? These are questions that you should be asking yourself, and the manufacturers that you buy from. Is your company and are your manufacturers creating initiatives designed for recycling and reuse?   If you take one aspect of going green and look at the paper use of your company,  you may be interested to find that there are ways to focus on saving tons of paper, which equates to saving thousands of trees.

    A fine example of one retailer who started printing catalogs on recycled paper and has launched aggressive internal efforts to cut waste is Patagonia, Inc.  According to   "Patagonia’s practices, such as switching from 50-pound to 45-pound catalog paper, which requires fewer trees to produce, involves a slight quality tradeoff, but when they did press tests, even some of their more discerning colleagues had a hard time telling the difference between the two paper stocks.”  The company has saved money and trees, the money they have saved has been on the paper selection as well as on the postage necessary to mail the catalogs.

    Take some time to think about what you can do to save trees, money and the environment and then start to implement a plan of action. Think of all the ways that you utilize paper and strategize on ways to conserve. Discuss your efforts with your coworkers so that everyone is aware of the steps that you are taking to create Green policies within your company.

These are my outside views, write a comment and tell me what you are doing to go green?
Marcia Blake