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How To Use Inbound Marketing as a Tool for Your New Business Development

March 3, 2009

When you think about marketing, you think about reaching out to new and existing customers. A new technology is fueling a reverse marketing method called inbound marketing, which is when new and existing customers reach out to your business. This differs from the traditional marketing methods that require you to reach out to the customers. One of the newest and hottest social networks for your business is Twitter, a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real time.

Have you networked lately? Have you networked online? This is the place to network for 2009. This is a tool that you can utilize to educate your new as well as existing customers on the best products and services that you offer. I would suggest that you offer useful information to your current and perspective customers pertaining to everything outdoor related in the casual furniture industry. You can provide information comparing the benefits of one product over another, or of one material over another. You can explain the best way to care for these casual furniture products. The list is endless of what information you can offer to the general public.

Basically Twitter is a marketing relationship building site that will enable you to promote your brand. You can use this tool to interact with your customer base. You will also be able to create excitement about upcoming events in your store. You can utilize Twitter to direct people to your business website.

This new technology is growing very rapidly, it is not clear just how big an impact tittering will make on your business, but in this down economy it is always a good business practice to try new and unique techniques to build customer awareness. This is also a free service so there is no reason not to join and see how Twitter can connect you with potential customers that would not ordinarily have had the opportunity to learn about your business and products.

You must embrace the notion that networking is a vital aspect of every business, if you were to attend a networking event in your community you would meet new people and talk to them about yourself, your business and the products that you represent. Well this is the same concept in theory. The main difference is that you connect with these people online, any time of the day. You just don’t do it in person, you do it virtually. Many businesses, polititians, consumer advocate groups, design groups and much more have joined this new marketing opportunity. Just click on the twitter link and start following the businesses and people that interest you then wait and see how this one simple step will grow into a very large and popular way to connect to people.

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These are my outside views…write a comment and let me know if you are tweeting? Marcia Blake