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How do you Create a Lavish Look Outside?

March 24, 2010

I am most passionate about creating lavish looks outside your home that resemble the interior style of your home. This is what truly excites me! Colorful, textured fabrics, lush outdoor accessories, and highly styled outdoor furniture is the best way to develop an outdoor living space that resembles its counterpart indoors.

Some of the latest trends in furniture and accessories add vibrancy, style and comfort to the outdoor living space. This outdoor living space should be a reflection of the indoor designs. Color, texture, quality and design are moving outside.

Try layering lush textured solid color fabrics with beautiful patterned outdoor fabrics in the outdoor room. One way to do this is by adding multiple outdoor throw pillows on the furniture, the deep seating sofas, love seats, club chairs, dining chairs and lounge chairs. This will enable you to create an outdoor seating and dining area that is just as inviting as your indoor living spaces.

Adding a lot of accent pillows will add color and texture to your outdoor space while making an inviting atmosphere.

To stay cozy and warm add an Outdoor Couture Sunbrella Throw Blanket that is machine washable and feels like your favorite chenille indoor throw blanket.

Next you want to consider adding Outdoor Drapes to add a touch of style and color. These drapes can be functional or simply decorative. There are many options to choose from with Outdoor Drapes, you can hang sheer drapes, or a patterned drape with decorative accent fringe. Now more than anytime before you have choices in outdoor hardware to hang the drapes, adjustable aluminum rods and decorative finials are available in mutiple powder coated colors.

To define your outdoor living space you want to add a beautiful outdoor rug. This can be muted to blend in or vibrant to add a flair.

Set the mood with outdoor lighting, ShadyLady Lighting offers outdoor chandeliers, free standing and coffee table lamps in many styles.  You can go more rustic with wrought iron lanterns or hang multiple hurricanes around your outdoor room.

Adding the finishing touches with accessories like candles, stone figurines, colorful potted plants, table trays, coffee table books and colorful vases will complete the creation of your lavish outdoor living space.

This is what I love to do so ask me any questions on products or placement and I am happy to help.

So write a question or a comment and I will get back to you.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake