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Misters Cool Down the Heat

July 9, 2009

I am spending a few days in Phoenix, while my mother recovers from surgery. It is hot outside, the temperature hovers near 107 degrees. The weather report warns of a heat wave coming this weekend, the prediction is 111 to 115 degrees. This is not the type of heat that encourages outdoor living, however, a strategically positioned misting system will cool the temperature by ten to twenty degrees. Enough to make spending time outdoors more comfortable, desirable and realistic in the hot dry heat of the desert.

The misters spray a cloud  of tiny water droplets which lay suspended in the air. Before any moisture reaches you, it evaporates, yet cools the surrounding area. The best location for misters is the outside wall of a patio overhang, this way the entire patio enclosure receives the benefit from the misting system.

If you spend any length of time in the Arizona desert, you will hear the locals refer to the heat as a dry heat, for this reason misters are so very clever. The addition of moisture in a dry climate adds much needed relief. Restaurants, store owners and homeowners all benefit by this simple concept. As you walk along an outdoor shopping center such as the famous Biltmore and Kierland  the misters are hard at work, cooling down the space for shoppers to stroll. Lunch and dinner can be enjoyed al fresco even during the summer months when misters spray near outdoor seating.

Just like a jump in a pool will cool your body temperature down, these misters do the same. The piping that delivers the water vapor to the air come in many different colors to coordinate with the patio cover, house color, store or restaurant awning or any other area that will benefit from this cooling system. Even when not in use, the misters blend nicely with their surroundings and don’t stand out.

So don’t let the heat keep you inside, find the right solution for your outdoor living.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake