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Stay Connected Link In

March 9, 2009

A new way to network for business is through the portal Linked In, the world’s largest professional network with over 35 million members. This business model can help you connect to other business people to exchange knowledge, ideas and opportunities, as well as, provide answers to business questions.

It is more important than ever to stay connected and to network with business professionals in your same field. Sharing ideas and best business practices will help you in these strange financial times. You can also showcase your knowledge, expertise and interests by answering other professionals questions.

You can target a specific audience who have some expertise that you need, then using Linked in you can create and distribute a poll to gain valuable information. You can reconnect with past colleagues and connect with present colleagues, even ones that are across the continent from you.

You can also access information pertaining to what your customers are saying about your company.

Staying in touch, staying connected will help you through some unique and challenging times. You can share ideas on how to stimulate business, and how to redefine your current business model. This is a time for reflection, a time to be open to new ideas and what better way than to connect to business people who are experiencing the same thing that you are, no matter where their business is located.

Take a look and see who is connected at Linked In and start reaching out.

These are my outside views… Link in and connect with me, Marcia Blake