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New Product Idea For Your Casual Furniture Showroom

September 21, 2009

Are you walking the halls at the Chicago International Casual Furniture Show looking for new products for your casual furniture showroom?

Well here is a unique idea that may interest you! Become an authorized dealer of Atera AnyTemp Spas. For those dealers that live in climates that get hot in the summer and cool in the winter, these spas are your answer to weather changes. Who wouldn’t want to hop in a hot tub on a cold winter day? And who wouldn’t want to hop into a cool tub on a hot and humid day?

Atera AnyTemp Spas® are designed, engineered and manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona by a group of industry veterans whose primary goal is to provide the ultimate, comfortable year round, personal hydrotherapy systems.

"Atera AnyTemp Spas provide a new, green option to a seasonal hot tub or pool. Exterior cabinets are made of recycled milk bottles and U.V. Rays, heat, humidity and chemicals will have no effect, unlike wood or inferior plastics. No chemicals of any kind are required to purify the water, using an All Natural, Non-Toxic, Enzyme. One vessel of water is used for a minimum of one year, with little evaporation unlike a pool.

The AnyTemp System provides PERFECT TEMPERATURE WATER, OUTDOORS, under any extreme climate with a temperature range of 62F (cold plunge) to 104F (hot hydrotherapy) and anywhere in between. The products are being sold through out the country, usually with the CHILLER AND HEATER option throughout the hot and humid states.

Thousands of Americans are enjoying fun, healthy, healing massaging waters, outdoors, 365 days a year while saving water, power, recycling and reducing the use of harmfull toxic chemicals like chlorine and bromine.

Did you know a swimming pool often looses 100% of it’s water annually from evaporation? Did you know that COLD, COOL & TEPID WATER THERAPY is often prescribed by Physicians as a viable treatment for the symptoms of many diseases (e.g. MS, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia)and that having the ability to control the exact water temperature is not often possible in seasonal hot tubs (too hot) or swimming pools (too hot or cold) without spending the significant monies to heat or cool them.

Atera AnyTemp Spas use less than $30.00 per month to keep the water AnyTemp and the systems operate just like the thermostat in homes that operates the HVAC system.  Every-Body Benefits!"

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