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How to Achieve Indoor Style Outside

April 9, 2008

    How do you bring the inside style out? Create an outdoor retreat that allows you and your guests to spill outside from the interior great room. Don’t be afraid to mix chandeliers and old antiques outdoors especially in the outdoor dining areas. Utilize a touch of indoor style and unify the space by adding outdoor drapes, pillows and rugs to complete the look.  Don’t be afraid to select fabric for the patio cushions that reflect the indoor appearance, the use of color, pattern and texture in fabrics is an excellent way to reflect the indoor space.

        Accessorize the exterior in many different ways. One way is to create a focal point, use an outdoor fountain, fireplace or fire pit. Create a great place to entertain by encouraging guests to stay awhile: strategically place comfortable deep seating around the focal point. Add colorful elements by choosing flowering plants to accent containers scattered throughout the outdoor living space. These containers can sit on the dining table, coffee table, next to a club chair, lounge chair or sofa. Relaxing and communing with nature is as easy as creating a piece of art out of plants and flowers.

        Take an existing pot or container, add a couple of colorful flowering plants, some green plants, potting soil and voila! You have created a masterpiece.                                                                Purposefully place these pots around your patio furniture, along an existing wall or table, see the difference that you can make. You don’t have to be an artist, nor do you have to love gardening, but I can assure you that creating a living piece of art will make you feel good and the people who see the finished product will receive a lot of joy. Next select a unique outdoor rug to lie under the table and chairs; round, rectangular and square rugs in a variety of colors and patterns allow you to design a space of your own.
        Another example of bringing the inside out is in the use of multiple coordinating fabrics and trims on the drapes that hang from the pavilion or separate the living and dining spaces. Don’t be afraid to use color and texture outside, choose fabrics that make you feel good and reflect the inside décor. Line the drapes with sheers so they look wonderful from both views. Create custom pillows with the use of trims and coordinating fabrics and sprinkle them around the seating area. Lanterns with candles illuminate these outdoor living spaces along with the chandeliers and fire features. Mix and match materials in these outdoor settings, juxtapose wrought iron with glass, steel with terra cotta, wood against woven components, soft chenille textures and linear lines to get a new twist on an old world style.  
        Outdoor Living is at its best when nature dazzles the eye and nurtures the soul. Create your perfect casual environment inside and out. These are my outside views write a comment and tell me yours?
        Marcia Blake