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It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature!!!

July 18, 2008

Remember the slogan dreamed up many years ago by a purveyor of margarine with an irascible Mother Nature roiling when given margarine disguised as butter?

    Well, just as then, we know today that not many things are made by man that duplicate something in nature well enough to fool anyone really paying attention. But we have been able to create products that will resist whatever Mother Nature throws their way.

    Thankfully fabric manufacturers have created durable, fast drying, satin, mildew, soil and fade resistant outdoor fabrics that resemble some of the finest indoor fabrics available. These fabrics maintain their good looks and remain vibrant for years.

    We need to educate consumers that these outdoor fabrics have been improved over the years and are better than ever. Additionally we need to let the consumers know that there are a number of companies producing high quality outdoor fabrics so the selection is enormous.

    The most recognized name is Sunbrella, but consumers need to know that the same quality fabrics are being created by companies such as Outdura, Bella Dura, Duracord, Cone Decorative & more.

    These are my outside views…Marcia Blake