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March 3, 2008

Spring is almost upon us and the best way to open your heart is to experience spring. By bringing the natural world into your home or by adding colorful arrangements to your gardens, patios, and outdoor living spaces you will add new life to these spaces. Relaxing and communing with nature is as easy as creating a piece of art out of plants and flowers. Take an existing pot or container, add a couple of colorful flowering plants, some green plants, potting soil and voila! you have created a masterpiece. Strategically place these pots around your patio furniture, along an existing wall or on a table, see the difference that you can make. You don’t have to be an artist, nor do you have to love gardening, but I can assure you that creating a living piece of art will make you feel good and the people who see the finished product will receive a lot of joy.

Even if, as you read this article you have snow on the ground, you can begin to add new life to your home, store or workplace by adding artful touches with the use of flowering plants. Most flowering plants bloom this time of the year, so don’t let the snow or dreary weather get you down, go out and purchase some colorful flowering plants and perform some magic.

This notion applies to store owners, homeowners and manufacturers. Bring the warm feeling of spring to your employees and customers. Add Green to your vocabulary; living green is on everyone’s mind these days, so show your support by going green. Being eco-friendly is very important in our lives during these times of global warming. Do some research on the furniture that you are selling or buying to see if these products are green or help the environment? Educate yourself and your staff and use these potted treasures that you have created out of flowering plants to strike up a conversation, with another employee, a customer, a family member or friend. Outdoor Living is at its best when nature dazzles the eye and nurtures the soul.
Do you have another example of living green? Write back I’d love to hear from you.
What are your Outside Views?

Marcia Blake