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Tell Us Some Good News... Take A Cue From Rick Santelli

February 20, 2009

Did you ever notice that the all of the network news stations, online news web portals  and traditional newspapers report sensational news that has been mostly negative? All of this negativity fosters pessimistic moods, rising anxiety, depression and this flailing economy. Why not ask all of these news sources to take a different approach and report the good news that is out there in the world to generate more positive reactions?

Yesterday and today there has been great debate over the new stimulus plan. Rick Santelli from NBC News raised the question of fairness and whether everyone should receive a share of the stimulus package in the form of a check, as opposed to only 8% of the people who have not paid their bills on time and who are in default or foreclosure.

Last night was the first time that I heard on national news that 92% of the people in the United States do pay their mortgage payments on time. This is a very large portion of the pie.  How often have we heard this important figure? Not much! Maybe if the networks would report the positive side of the issue more often and loud enough for everyone to hear, then the general public might feel better about spending some money.

Right now it seems that people are taking a wait and see approach, they are staying home, spending less and hoping things will change. Well we know that the economy will not change until consumers start to spend money again. In the casual furniture industry, store owners are hoping to see customers walk through their front doors, but more often than not, they are sitting and waiting alone. Casual furniture is a luxury that many people may feel they can do without in these hard times. However, if we all do our part to view the positive side of the economy perhaps we can encourage and persuade people to come out of hiding and buy some of the products that they would have purchased if they did not feel that the sky was going to fall on their heads.

As the weather begins to transition from winter to spring, this is a good time to encourage people to come out of their homes. Let’s begin to revitalize the economy by sharing good news, positive stories and practical suggestions on the best way to create an outdoor living environment, to be able to enjoy nature at its best while being thankful for the good things that life has to offer, such as our family, friends, and our homes.

Write a comment and tell us some good news about the Casual Furniture industry or anything else that will lift our spirits.

These are my outside views….Marcia Blake