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Designing an Outdoor Living Space ... Ask the Experts

April 7, 2010

Designing an outdoor living space for your home can be an exhilarating project. First decide what features are most critical to you, and what is your budget? Don’t forget to consider the sun exposure in your outdoor living space, does it face north, south, east or west? You need to keep this in mind when planning an alluring and practical outdoor living space.

This season one of the prominent colors splashed across outdoor living spaces is Red, while Blues, Aquas, Greens and Yellows continue to shine as we are inspired by nature. As you develop your plan for your outdoor living space you will no doubt blur the transition from indoors and out as the outdoor living spaces become an expansion of the home. Embellishing the outdoors is the same as sprucing up the indoors. Plush and luxurious seating is placed on top of decorative outdoor rugs, side tables are adorned with colorful and appealing accessories. Deep seating in the form of love seats, sofas, club chairs, lounges and double ottomans are finding their way outside.

Interior designers can facilitate the passage between the indoor living space and the outdoor living space by utilizing the same color theme. Complement the outdoors with fabrics on the cushions, throw pillows and umbrellas that blend together the interior color scheme, as you blur the seperation of the inside to the outside.

Add lush finishing touches as in outdoor rugs that complete the space, create a cozy and elegant atmosphere with outdoor throw blankets, outdoor drapes and stylish table top settings. Add spring flowers that coordinate with the colors in your outdoor haven.

There are so many products to consider, different types of materials to contemplate, and colors to choose. Choose an expert to help you stylize your outdoor living space, it can be an expert from a casual living retail establishment, an interior designer or architect. Learn from those who are in the know about WHATS IN and WHATS OUT!

I have worked closely for many years with casual furniture manufacturers, as well as, casual furniture retailers and I am here to tell you that these are the people with the answers. They understand all of the materials and products out in the market place and they can provide the BEST resources for you to create your Outdoor living sanctuary.

You want to enjoy this outdoor living space for a long time to come, so be selective and choose furniture and accessories that will live and last well in the environment. For more information on the different types of outdoor fabric and furniture to choose from write a comment below and I will answer your questions. Or seek out an expert in your neck of the woods.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake