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You Get What You Pay For

September 15, 2009

Cheap is not the answer. I was recently contacted by a realtor through my twitter account, inquiring about eucalyptus outdoor furniture. None of the companies that I know of carry this type of furniture so I did some checking online and found a number of different sources. I suggested that my contact do research online to find a source for this outdoor furniture.

Today, I received another message, via Twitter, saying that they ordered and received the furniture, but were disappointed due to the fact that the table was one color, goldish and the chairs were another, red. Of course, I recommended that they contact the company to get this issue resolved. He already had  called the company and was returning the entire order for a full refund.

Have you experienced this sort of problem with online ordering? If so write a comment and let me know how you resolved your issue?

It is always beneficial to work with qualified outdoor furniture experts in a casual furniture store to learn all there is about the options available to you and the care, maintenance and warranty factors associated with certain products.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake