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First 2 Solutions to Promote Staycations & Increase Sales!

July 28, 2008

Here are 2 solutions that will help you promote staycations to your customers and increase sales.

Solution #1: Promote the idea of making your home a destination.  
Utilizing visualization is a fabulous way to promote the feelings that
will encourage your customers to want to create a very unique
home ambiance. Show photos of Bali, Hawaii, a luxury resort   
pool setting or perhaps a picture of your favorite destination.

You can run a contest for people to enter their preferred
destination of choice that can most easily be replicated in their own
backyard. The winner can be awarded time with a local designer
and a member of your sales staff to design the destination of their
dreams in their own home. This space doesn’t have to be the entire
backyard or patio, it can be a section of the outdoor living space
or a balcony terrace.

Your sales staff can suggest the appropriate pieces of outdoor
furniture and accessories that will complete the objective. Maybe
consider offering as part of the prize a gift card towards the
purchase of their dream destination creation.

Some of the hottest destinations that are being recreated in outdoor
living rooms today are Africa, Indonesia, and the Caribbean. It is
easy to design an African setting with the wonderful introductions of
animal print outdoor fabric by Sunbrella® and Outdura®.

Candles are a wonderful addition to any setting, the scents can
instantly produce a memory of a special place and time. Musky
earthen scents reminiscent of the plains and forests of Africa.
Tropical breezes can seemingly float in the air with the addition of
fragrant Hawaiian tropics candles. Daybeds or cabanas dressed in
black and white tucked in a special corner of the yard create
spiritual reminders of Indonesia.

This endeavor will create a loyal customer base. Loyal customers
keep coming back and will reward you with referrals to your
business, they value their relationship with you and are worth
their weight in gold.

 Solution # 2: Promote the idea of staying at home during vacation time.

Change is a constant in the world that we live in so embracing change can help your customer create a home environment that is comfortable and uniquely designed for their home.

Acknowledging the changing times in a positive manner will win more hearts than negative advertising that weighs on people’s fear.
Instead buck the trend and encourage Feel Good, Happy Times, Family Values and enjoying life in your own backyard.

It is relatively easy to recreate travel destinations of your dreams
in your home. There are numerous choices of outdoor quality furnishings that have been inspired by specific places in mind such as Tuscany, Tropics, Exotic islands, Africa, Seaside, Beaches, Cottages, Spain, France and many more places.

Promote the idea of a staycation this year, stay at home on vacation. Why spend lots of money to temporarily visit these locations, when you can spend the money as an investment in your own home. Rather than return from these exotic locations feel the pleasure of returning time and again each and every time you spend time in your specially created outdoor retreat.

Check back tomorrow for a few more ideas on how to promote staycations and increase sales…Marcia Blake