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Grow Your Business: Market To An Untapped Segment

August 30, 2009

A new advertising campaign for Agio reads, “Waiting for times to change?”  This company is promoting their pro-active steps to grow their business. While some interior furniture establishments are adding outdoor lines in their product mix to boost sales and profits. So I ask you, “What are you doing to create business while you are waiting for the economy to pick up the pace?"

I have a suggestion for you, it is time to pay attention to a segment of the population that is rapidly growing, the Senior population. Currently there are over 7000 retirement communities spread across every state in the United States. Americans are living longer, enjoying greater health and prosperity. Retirement communities are growing, remodeling, updating and building more and more.

These retirement communities are advertising Retirement Living At Its Best! Doesn’t a person in his or her senior years having spent a lifetime providing for their families and contributing to their communities deserve the finest we have to provide? Offerings including opportunities for personal growth, independence, wellness, a broad range of activities in stylish surroundings.

Baby Boomers are reinventing retirement and enriching their new lifestyle with quality outdoor living. It is time to direct some of your marketing efforts to meet the needs of this market segment and it is also time for manufacturers to develop new products that meet the needs of this market segment.

This past week I toured several Senior Living Retirement communities with my brother and my dad in Arizona. I was impressed with the multiple living styles available, all of which include either outdoor terraces, outdoor patios, outdoor verandas or outdoor living rooms. Large pools, great outdoor dining areas, beautiful outdoor sanctuaries are also found in these retirement communities.

Do some research in your area, I imagine you will be surprised at how rapidly this segment is growing. Surely you can find a way to grow your business as you provide resources to this part of our society.

Please write a comment and let me know if you are doing something special to grow your business? Or are you marketing to the Senior segment of our population?

These are my Outside Views…Marcia Blake