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What To Do On Those Cold Winter Days?

February 13, 2008

It is important to encourage inspiration in customers as they walk through your stores or dealers as they sit down to write orders. A couple of examples of this are the use of marketing tools to stimulate the senses. The Super Bowl ads serve as a great source to remind us just how important advertising is to our business models. Go Daddy tempts our senses by telling us that they cannot display their ad on public television, so what happens, millions of viewers go online to see what all the buzz is about. Coke tugs at our heartstrings when Charlie Brown the underdog gets the prize, Budweiser uses their Dalmatian to train Hank, a young horse, so that he can make the team of horses, in all of these examples our senses are being stimulated.

    So what can you do during these cold, rainy and snow filled winter months, you can tempt the visual and emotional senses of your customers by setting up displays that evoke a warm tropical day, a warm cozy seating area by a firepit, or a cool crisp breath of fresh air by using cool pool colors. You can also advertise using these techniques. Use direct mail, posters, postcards, email, and websites to their fullest. Reach out and touch your customer base, during these cold days, they will be happy to hear from you.

    Wintertime is a time to hunker down and work on projects that we have neglected for all too long. It is a time to plan for springtime and new growth. Help encourage your customers, whether they are consumers or dealers to envision their dreams.

    You can create many different types of spaces that suit your needs. A niche to rest, relax and read, a place to entertain, an outdoor kitchen to cook, a lovely place for dinner, a spot in the sun, a firepit to warm yourself on a cold evening or a water feature to meditate alongside.

    Although the nation as a whole is concerned about our economy, it is very important to encourage hope. If people chose to hold back on spending or traveling, they will still most likely spend time outdoors when spring arrives. Help show them that planning now will make them feel good, they will be ready to stay at home and enjoy the feelings that come from their personal creations.

    Plant the seed early!
    What are your Outside Views?  Write back and let me know….. Marcia