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April 26, 2008

    From dawn to dusk, together you and your family can share, reflect, connect and celebrate all that is within your reach in the newest focal area of your home environment, the outdoor living room. As the sun rises, get cozy with a Sunbrella outdoor throw blanket and nestle yourself between custom designed throw pillows that accent, embellish and redefine your deep seated chairs, love seats and sofas. Reflect on the coming day, how will you grow together to reach new goals, how will you revive your spirits to restore yourself and nurture your family. Take the time to hear the sounds of daybreak as nature begins to wake, smell the morning scents while sipping robust coffee blend in a substantial handcrafted mug, linger a while to explore all the things in your life that give you great joy.

        To grow, to reach and to rise together as you begin your day will encourage new purpose in your life. Celebrate your achievements and contemplate new intentions. Your unwavering firmness of action will allow you to attain what you set out to accomplish. Don’t miss a minute of this special time of day to commence your ruminations. As you consider these ideas, think about the outdoor living room in your home, does it impart inspiration and confidence? If the answer is no, then think about what you can do to create the type of setting to motivate inspiration. Do you have a comfortable deep seating piece of furniture to settle into? Do you have soft, inviting pillows to snuggle between, do you have a comfortable throw blanket to keep you warm during those early morning hours, do you have an ottoman to rest your feet? If the answer is no, then consider replacing your current furniture with the necessary items to produce the desired effect.

        The best place to find the items you need to yield a glorious result is the specialty casual furniture store located in your area. These stores specialize in quality, inspired, comfortable furniture to meet your growing needs. You do not have to settle for the mass produced furniture and accessories that the big box stores are promoting. You get to choose from hundreds of fabrics, trims, finishes, styles and designs to craft your own very personal retreat. Dare to be different, choose colors, textures and styles that make you feel beauty, grace, strength, wisdom, spirit and courage so that you can face the challenges in your daily life.

        Once you have successfully created your desired outdoor living room, use it from dawn to dusk. Let this space restore you after a long day.  Once again settle back into your chair, perhaps light the fire pit and gather your thoughts as you rejoice in the opportunities that you have ignited.

        These are my outside views, write a comment and tell me what you do to start and end your day?
        Marcia Blake