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How to use INSPIRATION to Create an Outdoor Living Space!

August 7, 2008

Photos from my trip to Montana

I find inspiration from  many things in my life. Certainly as you know from my previous blogs, nature and beautiful things inspire me.

Majestic Horse Grazing

Included in this category are animals. I get refreshing and inspiring ideas from majestic horses that are free to roam in a green pasture, are running together or moving cattle.

Look at the Rich Brown colors

The rich color of horses give me ideas on how to mix natural colors together to create a palette that takes an outdoor living space and helps to create a feeling of home. Take for instance the colors in the two horses grazing in the pasture, see how well they look together.

Hobbs                            Sunny

The warm color tones of brown and beige give me the inspiration to combine more than one brown when I design a space.

The energy and sensory pleasure that I feel from watching these young playful horses, reminds me of bold yet relaxed settings. When these splendid creatures look over to see what I am doing and where I am going it speaks to me and pervades my senses. These horses command attention they live, breathe and exude a sense of endless summer days,  and dreams of a good life.

These are some of the things that inspire me to create the perfect living space in an outdoor environment… these are my outside views. Marcia Blake