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"Green Design" is Appropriate for St. Patrick's Day and Beyond

March 17, 2009

“Green Design” represents the connection linking green topics with the conservation of our environment. We are all focused just a little bit more on preserving our natural resources and this movement has translated into more “Green Design.”

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, a day to wear green and think about all things green, so there isn’t a more fitting topic to talk about than “Green Design.” Obviously, we are not talking simply about the color green, but the use of materials and products that enable us to protect the environment.

"Green Design"
is beneficial to the health of people, as well as the environment. "Green Design" goes beyond aesthetics, productivity and funds.  Blending ease, well-being, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and personal well being is the benefit of "Green Design". Reducing the environmental impact, reusing products, reengineering materials, emphasizing healthy air quality and choosing environmentally friendly materials in the design of your outdoor living space is important for the world today and in the future.

Some examples of fabric manufacturers in the Casual Living industry who are doing their part to support "Green Design" are Sunbrella, Outdura, and Bella Dura.

Glen Raven is promoting its Green story with the following attributes:
1.    Their Sunbrella Manufacturing Facility is virtually waste-free
2.    Sunbrella creates no wastewater from dyeing
3.    Sunbrella finishing process consume less water
4.    Sunbrella fabrics are extremely durable
5.    Sunbrella fabrics offer significant sun protection
6.    Fabric awnings using Sunbrella reduces energy consumption
7.    Sunbrella furniture fabrics are Greenguard certified for indoor air quality

Shuford Mills is promoting its Green story with the following attributes:
1.    Shuford Mills and the Outdura brand are committed to processes and products that are reflective of their Environment-Aware Initiative
2.    Shuford partners with companies that have a high regard for the environment and practice eco-friendly manufacturing in the production of their raw materials
3.   Shuford conducts their spinning, weaving and finishing operations in an environmentally aware manner utilizing efforts to recycle, reuse and reduce.

Bella Dura is promoting it’s Green story by:

1. Utilizing Green Shield technology that uses benign materials to efficiently, eliminate waste and minimize the consumption of energy.  
2. Green Shield is fully recyclable at the end of the fabric’s useful life.

It is important that we each do our part to help the cause, contribute to “Green Design” and  participate in protecting and preserving our environment.

Think Green!! Wear Green Today, St. Patrick’s Day & Drink Green!

May the Luck of the Irish be with you today! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

These are my outside views… Marcia Blake