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July 29, 2008

If you have been following my blog recently you will know that I am giving you suggestions on how to promote staycations as a marketing tool to increase sales in your stores. Here are another few ideas for you to consider using as a marketing tool.

 Solution # 3: Partner with local designers or offer in-store designer services to your customers to promote the ability to transform a home environment.

Consumers are discovering that outdoor living is more than simply dressing up patios with a few select pieces of furniture, alternatively people are transforming their common backyards into specialty rooms complete with televisions, bars, kitchens, heaters, and water features. Drapes, carpet, lamps, plants and trees are being used as accents as well as room partitions.

To assist your target market with the designing of these outdoor rooms you can either partner with local designers who are members of ASID or hire an in-house designer to offer your customers the design services that will utilize your top sales talent to build relationships with your customers and give their expert advise on how to design a new outdoor living space that reflects their life style.

The marketplace is offering a vast array of stylish outdoor furnishings, fabrics, accessories and appliances. Off your expertise on the products you sell to the designers and they will reciprocate by offering inspiration and motivation to your customers.

Solution # 4: Partner with local companies that build outdoor living scapes to promote the concept of community.

A feeling of community is so very strong and is a very powerful tool in the marketplace today. To create loyalty while building relationships is the key to increasing market awareness of your brand.

Do research to find the best landscape designers, contractors, pool builders in your local area and invite them to meet with you to discuss business opportunities. You can promote them to your customer base and vise versa. When a customer comes into your store and wants a new patio structure, plants, new outdoor flooring or a water feature, you will be ready to confidently refer the expert for the job, just as these vendors will in turn recognize your expertise in casual furnishings and be a loyal partner for your business.

 Using some form of these 4 solutions to promote staycations to your customers should lead to increase sales even during this dreary economic climate.

Appealing to your customer’s emotions to help brighten their life will help them to Feel Happy!

These are my outside views…write and tell me what you are doing to promote staying at home? Marcia Blake