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The Colors of Winter

April 2, 2008


    Have you ever noticed color in winter??

To some it may seem bleak, dreary and uninviting. But, if you look for the color in winter I am certain you can find it. You do not have to look too far to see a colorful red or green roof.

or the different shades of blue in the sky….
Once you start looking and notice, you will be amazed at the colorful world that opens all around you. Just take the time to appreciate all of the color in your life, this will have an influence directly and immediately exerted upon your mind.

This is how inspiration will surprise and change your life. We need to feel inspired and be inspired to create. Seeking out the color in everyday living will add a new dimension.

It is important to open your eyes to see the “wow” side of this world. While walking through a busy metropolitan street during lunchtime on a cold blistery day, you might imagine that you will notice a sea of dark overcoats and boots, but peer a bit further and you will catch a glimpse of a red hat, purple scarf or blue gloves. And how about that lime green handbag or yellow attaché case? These are the things that will bring hope and heal our fears. Look at the glass half full and notice the effects that global warming has on the colors in our world. It has lengthened the growing season of our flowers and plants and increased the rain in the desert to create an explosion of wild color in the flowers that stretch for as far as the eye can see.

Use this new approach to viewing everything in your life. Look for the color to find inspiration. Spend time creating inspiration for others to enjoy, by adding that touch of color in your stores, on your person and in every aspect of your life.

These are my Outside Views write a comment and tell me yours.
Marcia Blake