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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint...Recycle Sunbrella Fabric Today!

April 15, 2009

In our quest for reducing our carbon footprint, I have a suggestion for all of the retailers and consumers out there who would like to contribute. Consider recycling worn, old and discarded Sunbrella® fabric to be remanufactured into industrial products such as insulation, felt, and padding, as well as, recreated into novelty yarns for use in decorative Sunbrella products like their new line of outdoor rugs.

Glen Raven offers a recycling service for Sunbrella customers. This gives everyone the opportunity to do their part in sharing the responsibility of reducing global warming and reducing our carbon footprint.

Sunbrella has set up a recycling center in the hopes of broadening the possibility to reclaim Sunbrella from all over the United States. Glen Raven welcomes pre and post consumer waste Sunbrella fabric which comprises products such as upholstery, awnings and boat covers.

The only request that Sunbrella raises is that the material being shipped is reasonably clean and dry, they also request that any trim, foam cushioning, rope or vinyl be removed preceding shipment.

So as a retailer, when you complete a new sale of outdoor furniture, ask the customer to bring in their old cushions or offer to retrieve them when you deliver the new products. Once you have collected a substantial amount of used fabric to be recycled you can ship it to Recycle My Sunbrella® and feel good about your contribution to the recycling efforts in the United States.

Sunbrella even recycles the boxes that you use to ship the material back to them in. Every effort is made to reduce our landfills. So join in this enterprise today, the only cost to you is for shipping the used products to the recycling center, this is such a small part to pay in the reduction of waste in our environment.

The program operates through a website so take a look and see how you can participate.

Who wouldn’t want an opporunity to play an important part in helping our environment? Take the first steps today to contribute and participate you will feel so much better that you did.

If you have any questions or would like more information write a comment or email me at

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake