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How You Can Use 2009 Color Trends to Accent Your Showroom?

September 4, 2008

Green Color Trends for 2009

As I continue to review the color trends for 2009, today I will focus on the color Green.
The up-to-date green in our color palettes will shift toward a botanical green to demonstrate our interest with the environment.       

                                              Adirondack Chairs
is essential, placid, wholesome and refreshing. It is found in abundance in our environment and is strongly influenced by our responsibility to recycle, reuse, reinvent and revitalize.

Once again it is easy to incorporate the color green into your showroom or outdoor living space by either simply adding some green accessories, such as a green vase, outdoor throw pillow or table-top accessory. Or you can really make a statement by using green cushions on a vignette setting.

Always consider adding some live fresh green plants to add that touch of the environment.

These are my outside views..Marcia Blake