Wellness Attributed to Backyard Oasis

July 23, 2009

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Men and women for over a hundred years have enjoyed the warm soothing waters of baths and hot tubs to soothe their muscles and their minds.  Yet in these unpredictable times, is a spa a luxury product or could it be an indispensable survival item?  According to the Mayo Clinic Proceedings and Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy studies, being immersed in warm water causes the arteries and veins to dilate and carry more blood, allowing the heart to work more efficiently. Blood circulation “increases by nearly 121%” while blood pressure decreases: the results of an intense workout while doing nothing but relaxing. This body of knowledge, regarding water wellness, seems to be indisputable evidence supporting immersion in a hot tub. Additionally the National Sleep Foundation found that soaking in a hot tub, “is a natural, safe way to enhance deep sleep and sleep related problems.”

While there have been scientific studies and research on water wellness, I do not know of any when it comes to increased personal wellness by sitting in your backyard living space. However, I can attest first hand that for me, when stress and or medical problems are present, I find sitting on a comfortable deep seated lounge chair with my feet elevated on an outdoor ottoman, under either the clear blue sky or star filled night, I feel better. Last Friday, my mother was rushed to the emergency room with symptoms of a stroke. I rushed to Arizona to be with my family while she was treated for a stroke and pneumonia. My only relief came when I was able to take a few moments to sit outside, breath in fresh air, enjoy the desert foliage, as well as, the sweltering heat, under the clearest blue sky.

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There certainly is research regarding the benefit of four legged friends with elderly and ill people. These furry friends encourage the release of endorphins in our blood stream that make us feel good.  Well I truly believe that sitting outside where nature surrounds us, especially in the comfort of our very own backyard haven, oasis, patio, deck, living space, or yard, releases the endorphins into our blood stream and allows us to better cope with the stresses in our daily lives. So whether you soak in a spa, or sit in your yard, take time to smell the flowers, see the life that surrounds you and be thankful for all that you do have.

I received a call this morning that my mom is back in the emergency room, my bags are packed and I am heading back to Arizona. Please keep your thoughts and prayers with me and my family. And Please take time to Smell the Roses!!

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake

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