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Inspire Through Color & Light

October 30, 2009

"It is our intention to evoke, through color and light, the subtle qualities that inspire the human spirit." Founder of NightOrbs

Bring a new feature to a nighttime garden habitat with the gentle light and radiant color of NightOrbs™

Tom Rupnicki first had the idea of bringing hand-blown glass into the landscape 10 years ago. He chose a spherical shape because it is thought to be the most flawless form. Fused with color and light, "NightOrbs™ are an ethereal presence in a garden, an object of beauty, a cause for meditation and an extremely durable and practical landscape illuminator."

"Light creates a sense of place. It functions as a stimulus. The light pattern in a space creates a response from a viewer. If the light changes in a space, the person’s feeling or reaction to the space will change. Human beings are dynamic - continually changing. This applies to the sensitivity of both the eye and the brain to light. Under differing circumstances the human interpretation of a space will change." ~Janet Lennox Moyer

Color also produces a reaction in a observer. The correct fusion and position of colors can create an emotional experience, like viewing Monet’s "Water Lilies".

"The color blends for NightOrbs™ result from my own reactions to color and light. The recipes have evolved over time and are kept only after having proven their impact - their ability to sing - in the garden.

My vision in creating NightOrbs™ was to marry the healing effects of light, color and nature into a lasting, original piece of landscape art that can be enjoyed in gardens year-round - and for years to come!"

Tom Rupnicki, Founder LaSorgente Glass Studio

NightOrbs™ magically alter indoor and outdoor spaces. These artistic illuminators furnish a pupose and brilliance in bothwater garden and landscape style.

These brilliant globes can withstand the elements of nature.

If you want more information about these beautiful accents for your garden, write to me

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake