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How To Make an Outdoor Setting Feel Fresh & New!

May 29, 2008

        A great way to update the look and feel of your patio furniture is to move the furniture pieces to a different location or place it in an alternate arrangement. This is the simplest way to accomplish a new look and feel. This past weekend while I was home with my family, we decided to reverse our deep seating pieces to create a fresh and new look. We simply moved the 3 seat sofa to the opposite side of the firepit, then moved the loveseat to the right of the sofa on the side of the firepit, previously it was directly facing the sofa, and lastly we changed the position of the two spring based club chairs.

        This change did not alter the amount of space that we previously were using for this setting. The area now appears to be more spacious, however, this is just an illusion. Yet, it accomplished so much. Now when you look outside you see a completely different outdoor living space. The sofa is welcoming and the space between the club chairs opens up the area for people to enter. Of course we also rearranged the colorful outdoor throw pillows on the sofa, love seat and club chairs and VOILA!! A new room was designed with the greatest of ease.  

    This is such a simple idea that can be utilized in your backyard or showroom. It is nice to move things around, to shake things up a bit. It makes you feel as if you spent a fortune on new furniture, because all of a sudden you see the furniture in a different light. It also allows you to see parts of the furniture that may have been hidden before.

    It is important to constantly change the look of your showroom, so that when your customers stop by time and again, it will look as if you just received new merchandise. A vignette that they walked by on a previous visit may now be an area that they focus their attention on.

    There are other simple ways to make changes, such as changing the color or style of the throw pillows. Or take that a step further and change the fabric on the cushions. All of these are ideas that will generate sales in your store as well as interest in your showroom and last but not least pleasure in your own backyard.

These are my outside views, write and tell me what you do to change things up?  Marcia Blake