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New To Market: WellFleet Waters Fabric Indoor/Outdoor

May 8, 2009

Waivy Paisley

Wellfleet Waters fabrics are original designs, developed from conceptual sketches to the finished production, these designs are printed on natural cotton canvas in New England.

Sisters, Beth Dean and Maryann Morley grew up spending their summers on the beautiful beaches of Cape Cod.

The Cape has inspired many artists whose form of expression is on canvas, on paper, with a pen or in song… for Beth and Maryann, textile becomes the canvas on which artistic inspiration is expressed…that is why their initial designs are printed on 100% cotton duck canvas!

They have taken the experience of Wellfleet and the waters of Cape Cod and created textile that embraces the color, natural beauty and true essence of the landscape.

Flower Power

The bold colors and simple design capture all of the main elements of the seaside; blues represent the clear waters, the green derived from the waving dune grasses by the sea, and the red was inspired by the peaceful experience of standing silent as the red sun disappears below the horizon signaling the end to another summer day.

 Each design has the signature Wellfleet Waters wave in it so…catch the wave and you know you have comfort and style!

These fabrics are water and mildew resistant as well as durable in the sun. They are wonderful for shower curtains, outdoor pillows and cushions and fun summer bags.

Flower Power & Loco Polko

Brighten up your day with this wonderful new collection of indoor/outdoor fabric.

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