Urban Living

November 21, 2008

A new way of life is rapidly becoming “The Place to Live”, a master plan community, an urban village, that consists of enclaves to live in, a retail plaza to shop and socialize, parks to get pleasure from the wonders of nature, a clubhouse for collective gatherings, pools to splash around in, as well as basketball courts for exercise. This is where opulence meets simplicity designed to balance the desires of the senses and aspiration of the people who live there by uniting the finest that city living has to offer with the tranquility of winding paths, lush landscaping and serene parks. This is a place for those “in-the-know” and “on-the-go” because it is central to everything. Designed with elegance and convenience in mind.

Builders are creating a niche in the upscale residential market. So it is increasingly important to provide casual furniture and accessories that address the needs of the twenty-first century consumer with inspired, user-friendly products that are interpreted through their contemporary ‘boundless and less defined’ principles. The affluent consumer demands more out of a home and effects major decisions about purchases of exterior furnishings based on how they will enhance their way of life.

This is a new and significant market that bears your time and attention. Take a look at the latest developments being built in your community and you will most likely see some urban revitalization.

Consider setting up some unique vignettes in your showroom to accommodate this new style of living.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake

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