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Tips on how to use Hues of Color to create the perfect Outdoor Setting

August 8, 2008

Yesterday, I spoke about the inspiration that I derive from watching horses roaming freely in pastures. I mentioned that the rich brown color of the horses encourage me to mix natural hues of brown and beige together to create a relaxed setting.

Here are some examples of how combining various shades or degrees of one color can enrich an outdoor setting.

The use of various shades of Brown

In this photo you can see the various colors of beige and brown mingled together to produce a warm comfortable environment.

In this next outdoor setting you can see another result of mixing various different shades of brown on different surfaces and textiles and how well they work together. In this location you have hard wood doors, natural stone floors, weathered brick, wrought iron table and chairs in a chocolate brown finish with a textured brown table runner and seat cushions whose fabric combines all of the shades seen in this area together in one final surface that pulls the entire design together.

Notice the different surfaces that have a variation of the natural color brown

You don’t have to be afraid to mix and match hues of color, utilize tone on tone fabrics or combine many different surfaces to obtain the desired effect.

Remember the inspiration taken from the majestic horses helped to create an ambiance that I felt while watching the horses in a natural setting.

These are my outside views…do you have photos that you can share using variations of a color? Send them to me at Thank you. Marcia Blake

The many shades of brown