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Boost Your Well-Being, Spend Time Outside

April 5, 2010

The weather is certainly surprising of late. On the east coast the torrential rain is causing flooding, on the west coast the winter rain has created a beautiful supply of spring foliage that is wreaking havoc with anyone who suffers from allergies. Yesterday, Easter Sunday, was a beautiful day in Southern California, blue skies, sunshine, a bit cooler than normal, certainly not what I consider earthquake weather and yet we experienced some unwanted shaking from a 7.2 earthquake south of the border. I have lived in California for almost 22 years, exposed to my share of earthquakes, in fact the 1994 Northridge earthquake totally destroyed my home, so you can imagine that the shaking yesterday was unsettling. But just as my family and I picked ourselves up 16 years ago and moved on, it is important to do the same now and cherish the time that we have to enjoy the sweet things in life, like spring, blue skies, flowers and outdoor living.

On saturday, my husband and I spruced up our outdoor living area by planting fresh colorful spring flowers in our garden, we cleaned our outdoor furniture, added some beautiful potted plants on our copper side table, brought out our outdoor rug from storage, added additional throw pillows to the loveseat / sofa and refreshed the outdoor drapes. As the weather is starting to warm up we begin to feel energized when we spend time outside. Creating an outdoor room that can be inviting and cozy just like our indoor spaces with the added benefit of a fresh breeze and singing birds is just what we need to leave the stress of the day inside. As we connect with nature, we boost our well being. Try sitting outside with a favorite book to see just how the tension in your mind and body begin to dissolve away.

Living in California it is somewhat second nature to living outside. The garden is an addition to the house, where the sunshine is as abundant as the air that we breathe. There is a captivating charm to having a meal outside, relaxing and doing all of the very same things that you would do indoors. But it is not necessary to live in the sunbelt in order to enjoy and appreciate the outdoor living spaces, now that Spring is upon us, create your outdoor sanctuary, haven or retreat in whatever outdoor space you have around your home. Whether it is a porch, lanai, patio, deck. pool, spa, yard, garden or covered gazebo you can create endless possibilites. It’s all in the finishing touches, inspiration and creativity that surrounds you.

Take note of your outdoor living space, what additions or deletions would you like to make? Add new furniture, change the fabric, spruce up the foliage, add color, texture and warmth. It is easy to do, just take the time and get started so that you can enjoy the benefits of the long days and balmy nights ahead.

For ideas or suggestions on how to spruce up your outdoor living space, write a comment below.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake