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"The Green Story"

June 30, 2008

Protecting our environment is very important to everyone and for everyone. This year it is top of mind for us all. Everywhere you turn someone is talking about their “Green Story”

Glen Raven is promoting its Green story with the following attributes:
1.    Their Sunbrella Manufacturing Facility is virtually waste-free
2.    Sunbrella creates no wastewater from dyeing
3.    Sunbrella finishing process consume less water
4.    Sunbrella fabrics are extremely durable
5.    Sunbrella fabrics offer significant sun protection
6.    Fabric awnings using Sunbrella reduces energy consumption
7.    Sunbrella furniture fabrics are Greenguard certified for indoor air quality

Shuford Mills is promoting its Green story with the following attributes:
1.    Shuford Mills and the Outdura brand are committed to processes and products that are reflective of their Environment-Aware Initiative
2.    Shuford partners with companies that have a high regard for the environment and practice eco-friendly manufacturing in the production of their raw materials
3.    Shuford conducts their spinning, weaving and finishing operations in an environmentally aware manner utilizing efforts to recycle, reuse and reduce

A local Southern California casual furniture manufacturer is also doing its part to sustain our natural resources. For example, the OW Lee, Co. utilizes 87.3% recycled steel in the production of their steel frames and further recycles scrap steel, as well as, recycling aluminum scrap. There are many more initiatives that this particular company has adopted to contribute to sustainability and the protection of our environment.

It is important that we each do our part to help the cause, contribute to the green movement in as many ways as you possibly can in your showroom, manufacturing plant, at work and at home.

I imagine at this years Pre-Market Casual Furniture Show in Chicago we will be hearing more and more about how each company is doing its part to help our environment.

These are my outside views…Write and tell me your Green Story. Thank you Marcia Blake