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Create A Show Stopping Focal Point

June 24, 2009

Designers have fun with bold accessories that capture your eye immediately upon entering a room. Manufacturers create unique specialty furniture items such as a covered day bed or a circular chaise to outfit fine estates and resorts. So why shouldn’t you as a casual furniture dealer or a homeowner have something special too? To attract the attention of the people who enter your store or step into your outdoor environment?

There is no reason that I can see why you shouldn’t have a masterpiece originally inspired by classic European style. The design community has already taken note of these fabulous umbrellas that are custom made, sewn to order and individually registered.

My suggestion is to order one in a unique and show stopping color and style, then create an outdoor vignette that will creatively inspire everyone who sees it. Luxury combined with quality craftsmanship made in the United States can’t be beat. Create a focal point that will offer shade and design in an outdoor entertaining room.

The Santa Barbara Umbrella® company creates unique, stylish, up to date, guaranteed quality umbrellas. The Flamenco® Umbrella and the Lilypond™ Umbrella by the Santa Barbara Umbrella company are two examples of show stopping accents that are meant to attract attention and capture your eye.

If you want more information on these umbrellas leave a comment below.

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