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August 4, 2008

Remember when Brown was the new Black? Well it appears that Green is the new Black. Not so much in color but in statement.

The direction of fashion dictates the direction of home textiles and decor. Right now the fashion trends seem to be moving towards ethical, organic, and sustainable fabrics for clothing. As a society we are becoming socially conscious and environmentally savvy.

There are a number of books out in the marketplace that discuss the topic and are worth the read. First is Tamsin Blanchard’s Green is the New Black   and Mathilda Lee’s Eco-Chic. Another new book on the market is Kate Fletcher’s Sustainable Fashion and Textiles .

If you want to learn more about the direction that the fashion industry is moving I recommend you read one or more of these books so that you can determine which direction you plan to move in and whether or not you plan to follow the latest trends.

These are my outside views….Marcia Blake