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How To Pick The RIght Color?

June 24, 2008

Color is inspirational, color is exciting and fun, and color is different things to different people. When designing outdoor rooms some people pick color to match their indoor décor while others pick color to match the outdoor landscaping. Some people pick color for fun and adventure and others to calm and to soothe.

One thing is for sure, color is important and powerful and if you are trying to sell outdoor furniture and accessories picking the right color can be very important. Color sells and the right color sells better.

It is important to take the time to evaluate what you are trying to accomplish in a particular space. Is it a prominent spot in your retail store or the major area of your backyard? Do you want to make a seamless transition from one location to another or do you want to startle, shock and ignite emotions of surprise?

Spend some time questioning what is important to accomplish in the space. Consider a few different color directions and ways of thinking, and then you will be able to make an educated decision when you finalize the color that you select.

 What ever it is I am certain that you can find the right color for your outdoor living needs.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake